Elvis was asked why he wasn't married yet. His reply: "Why buy a cow when you can get milk through the fence."

From one who is slow stumbling on TNBT,  to similar others: if you're addicted to music (as I am), try this:
Google: "youtube" plus the name of an artist you'd like to listen to. Click on the spyglass, and make a selection. It'll start and play.
From Hank Snow to Andrea Bocelli, she's all there.

And note (as it plays): on the righthand side will be displayed a list of suggested alternatives. If you want to change, just stop the one you're listening to, then click on an alternative, and it will start.

Sound quality is VG, unless the piece is a poorly remastered copy of a very old recording.
So a decent pair of speakers that can handle bass at higher volume is deserved.
An older pair of LCS-1060 (Labtec) that cost maybe $100 new does the job for me.

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I'm a jazz addict.
However, if you were born post-war, chances are you you entered adolescence bopping to Bill Haley & Fats Domino.
So if I have no positive response, I'll know I'm talking into an empty rainbarrell. And I'll desist.
One must remember that jazz is an aquired taste ((as are opera, single malt, and herbal bitters that Italians and Greeks take to fortify your liver before a drinking bout). So ya got it, or ya don't got it.

Miles Davis was one of perhaps two dozen top jazz musicians who filled in behind the great Bird Parker  who killed himself with drink & drugs at a very early age. See the Miles wiki here:
And notice that Miles also hit bottom with heroin. And (IMO) only his super-human indomitable will saved him.

In this big mix (mostly 54 to 56) I can hear:
- he's not reached his peak virtuosity yet,
-and while he's on his way into his "cool" period, he's not quite there yet.


PS: still looking for help posting youtube URLs here without the annoying graphic.

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For your interest: here is a re-mastered 1925 recording. I'm amazed how clean it is.


Edited to allow video. [wink] - HH
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If we can believe  the record, Sir Winston said this quite a few times: "Perfection satisfies me straightaway; nothing else is acceptable!"
I entirely agree.

I've stumbled upon these guitar geniuses who clearly are standing on the shoulders of Django Reinhardt died 1953; but in his day nobody could touch his genius. He's a demigod.
Now these folks are doing it better. IMO; lots better.

Stochero Rosenberg leads his family group (born '68). IMO, he's the consummate artist. But some say that his brother Jimmy surpasses him in wild-man improvisational genius; only possibly equalled by Biréli Lagrène, born 1966.

Youtube their names, and hear! It'll be a life-changing experience.  I don't disagree: there is equal genius among Spanish guitar geniuses. But I'm talking Gipsy here.

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Princess Carver
I enjoyed this song from Ed Sheeran, Photograph. 

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I like listening to songs that I can sing along with - whether they are old or new - I enjoy listen and singing with Ellie Goulding (new) and Patty Smyth (old) 
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