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Murray Lambert

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Just exactly who is Mayor Crouse? I offer two descriptions based upon his past behaviour and rather notorious (for all the wrong reasons) record of actions and inactions:

Scenario #1   
Mayor Crouse is the 'Grande Puppeteer' of St. Albert City Council whose talent is to control the thoughts and manoeuvre the actions of his 'ensemble of marionettes', comprising the majority of city council.   [Note: There is some indication that this majority has dwindled of late with the 'cutting of the strings' by a councillor, whom I shall not name, during last Monday's (03/17/14) council meeting. We can only hope!]

Scenario #2
Mayor Crouse closely resembles the title character in the classic movie; "The Wizard of Oz" a self created all powerful potentate who believes he reigns supreme over the 'Emerald City' (i.e.. St. Albert) and all the little 'Munchkins' (i.e. we the residents of St. Albert) therein. While this illusion may be true in his own mind, he should be made aware that just as in the movie, he too shall one day be revealed as simply a 'frightened little man' hiding behind a curtain.

Take your pick?

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Welcome to the forum 'My View', nice to have you as a contributing member.

FWIW, I pick your Scenario #2[biggrin]

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My View:  Agree completely with your viewpoint - however over the past six years this individual has in the majority of cases ignored the citizens of this city and has tried to 'push' his own ideas on. Me thinks that I do believe he has a problem which can only be treated with professional help.  Or he could go one step further and have a 'closed door' meeting with the balance of council and hear just what they think of his performance. Maybe that would be similar to Redford talking with the party - a shoot form the lip meeting - It would be ideal if such a meeting was held, and he declared that he was stepping down at the end of that week  -  We can only hope.................
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