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This morning I added a poll to the front page and would encourage you to take it.

I did so to balance off a similar poll now being taken on Facebook by the Poliwings Discussion Group, a closed membership faction on Facebook.

I wanted to see how regular members of the community respond to the same questions.

I felt this poll, available to any member of the public without any membership requirements, might be revealing compared to the opinions of Poliwings members.

Whether the public opinion is similar to the Poliwings group or not, it may serve some purpose in gauging the mood of the public.


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Morning Don,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain what the 'closed group' means on Facebook.  Essentially it is a term used by Facebook that means you must join the group in order to post.  Similar to here.  Anyone is able to join and anyone is able to invite anyone to join.  The admins (Myself, Kevin and Michael Wilson) do not filter membership request or content.  

Much like this venue here, it allows for a diverse group of residents the opportunity to interact and discuss the various challenges and successes of our community.  

If anyone is interested in also participating over on facebook the link to the group is here:



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Haven't met a person yet who thinks St. Albert needs another library. 
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HH:  Last Saturday's edition of the Gazette had an article submitted by Norm Harley relative to the operating costs of the library where from 2000 to 2016 increased from $1.21 million per year to $4.09 million per year and will almost triple again from $4.09 million to $10.27 million, This represents a compounded annual increase of over 8.45% based on historical data for books and wages.  It would be interesting to see if the actual costs being incurred could be released for everyone to see  -  these figures are beyond reason. We should be able to see just what these figures cover - surely wages and book purchases can't be that high. Your comments please.
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Rick F
It will take a whole new crew of Councillors to realize that the type of spending that is being foisted on the taxpayer is UN-sustainable.

Some may want them but...

Do we actually NEED any of these new edifices to exist as a city?

Could building them not be put off until there is an upturn in the economy?

Could the money not taken for this not go to maintaining infrastructure and then allow for a reduction in taxing level?

Would a lower taxation rate not be more an enticement in attraction new people than ANY of these projects?

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@Rick, things will unfortunately get worst before they ever get better. Don't be at all surprised if this next council actually has less concern for tax dollars than the last.
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Rick F: said in part "It will take a whole new crew of Councillors to realize that the type of spending that is being foisted on the taxpayer is UN-sustainable."

Aside from the fact that the mathematical probability of every single councillor being replaced in the next elect is infantismal, the statement seems to ignore the fact that Councillors Hughes, MacKay, & Russell maintain a continuous fight to control taxes.

Just recently these three worked to get two motions passed in relation to the New Library project which deserve some recognition.

First, the got a vote approved that says the City won't go out an buy land for a new library building ... they will wait until th e City receive land as a "reserve" which they can then allocate to the new library and reduce the final cost significantly.

Second, since the Library Board's budget has been out of control for a decade, they got a motion passed requiring the Library Board to produce a multi year plan for approval by Council so that Council can gain control over the library's ever expanding budget.

These two motions are designed to help control costs from rising precipitously. However, you will probably never see an article in the Gazette giving these councillors credit and I'm sure their efforts will be long forgotten on election day by the general public as they vote in more tax and spend artists.

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Look what they are doing in Spruce Grove.  They get it.  The rec complex/facility  will be a massive boon to the area.  Good old backwards St. Albert continues to plod along to irrelevancy. 
Did we miss the Rapture?
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