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Now that the city is working on a 'pilot project' - Backyard Hens  and will be selecting 20 sites for a one year project. What's next a 'pilot project' for bee hives in the city. It would not be a surprise in days ahead where  a 'member of council' gives some thought of a pilot project with a cow in the backyard - not only making a supply of milk to the householder but also running a business in the side 'picking up' after it and storing and eventually selling fertilizer to members of the community for gardens etc. 

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I have no comment in regards to chickens; bee hives are different. Like it or not we need to do all we can to look after the honey bees. I let my dandions grow in the spring because that's their first food. I also make sure my yard has shallow dishes of fresh water for them to drink. If having bee hives will help them I'd do that too. The rest of the comments I leave to you!
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As usual councillors like Heron promote ideas that are failing elsewhere. For instance

Gotta agree with the bees though, as they are part of the key to human survival. With the amount of flora in the city, they should thrive here. In my seven decades on this earth, I have never been stung by a bee. Never. Wasp, yep. Mosquitos, yep. Horsefly, you bet. Bee? Nope.

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When Councillor Heron introduced her back yard chicken motion, I instantly realized that this was for the birds. However, when she followed up with her backyard bee hive motion I nearly broke out in hives. When people started to wax eloquently about the benefits of bees pollinating the backyard flowers, I realized this was nothing but a sting operation. After all, we have never had a pollination problem in St. Albert in the past, so I'm sure that those who are allergic to insect stings would just wish the social buzy bodies would buzz off.

However, since there is always two sides to every story, I decided to check out the honeybees take on the matter. I contacted Queen Bee Honeybunch who has her hives located in a nice clover field a mile out of town. Honeybunch said that she is not impressed with Heron's idea. She said her worker bees regularly travel up to 7 miles per day to pollinate flowers and they already have St. Albert completely covered so to her this sounds like a case where the government invents a fad to get some votes.

Her worker bees are constantly complaining that with all the traffic lights it takes forever to get from one place to the next. They tell Her that with all the new apartments and increased density it takes forever to find enough flowers to meet their daily nectar quota. Finally since property taxes are out of sight taxes it takes  87.52% of all collected nectar just to keep the tax man away from the door.

Queen Honeybunch has tried to make an appointment to meet Marie Renault ... but to date there has been no response.... she wishes the Social Credit were back in power to straighten this whole mess out.

For an alternate take on the matter see:


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Originally Posted by theskeptic

When Councillor Heron introduced her back yard chicken motion, I instantly realized that this was for the birds. However, when she followed up with her backyard bee hive motion I nearly broke out in hives.

I wonder what Coun....sorry, Mayor Heron might have to say about the article in the gazette.

Some of the highlights:

- The popular trend of raising backyard chickens in U.S. cities and suburbs is bringing with it a soaring number of illnesses from poultry-related diseases, some of them fatal.

-Since January, more than 1,100 people have contracted salmonella poisoning from chickens and ducks in 48 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

ps: did anyone really take a look at this woman's back yard?  It kinda reminds me an episode
of "Sanford and Sons".


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It'll be a very scary 4 years. Library will commence because the average person doesn't know what's good for them. Same will go for all Heron's plans.

She's smarter than us. So we shall just follow.
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