Head Honcho
There are many examples of TV advertising, that in my opinion assume that the public is marginally intelligent, or outright stupid. Allow me to begin with this pathetic attempt at quality advertising.


Is there anything more annoying than this guy flogging insurance for Belair Direct? Over and over one has to listen to this dummy talking about dragons burning down your house and other dreadful attempts at humour that fail miserably.

If I needed insurance, and I don't, I would never buy from a firm that insults prospective clients like this one does.

Got a commercial that bugs you?
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Rick F
The full page ads and the 'survey' pop-up/re-direct ads on the internet.

Any and ALL of them.
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Spence Diamond commercials on the radio.  Not that I would ever be in the market to buy an engagement ring, but if I was, it certainly would never be from them.

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