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The Death Of Journalism

From the New York Times to the lowly St. Albert Gazette journalism is dead: a subtle propaganda has risen in its place.  Of course, this is not the blatant propaganda employed by Dr. Goebbels.  Just as the automobile has evolved from the Model T to the modern Lexus, the psychology of manipulating public opinion has evolved and has become much more subtle and effective than the techniques employed in the 1930’s.  It is this subtle sophistication which allows the modern print media to maintain the pretense of journalism but actually the traditions of investigation and objectivity are now dead.

If you doubt that traditional journalism is now dead,  ask yourself these questions.

When the Gazette receives $100 thousand or more per annum in advertising revenue from the City, are they going to rigorously critique and expose flaws in administration?

Would the Gazette give SATA’s program of financial constraint a fair review when the approval of the SATA program could result in a reduction of municipal advertising in the Gazette?

When there is a newsworthy event which is detrimental to administration, why is it either not published or or almost invariably tucked into an obscure position in the middle of the paper?

Why, of late, are there no pictures of Councillors Hughes and MacKay accompanying stories on their positions and motions, but plenty of pictures of Broadhead and Heron accompanying their positions and motions?

Have you ever seen a front page headline or staff editorial prominently positioned pointing out that administration’s plan to construct high-rises on a flood plain is fundamentally flawed?

Have you ever seen a front page headline or staff editorial given prominence criticizing the absurdity of administration’s plan to spend 150 million on an LRT when our existing public transit drives around the city with nary a passenger?

Why was it “sinister” for the Think Tank to publish anonymously, but OK for the Gazette, without a question as to their actual source, to publish articles on an “anonymous” stop sign story and an anonymous “SATA” letter to a councillor?

If you answer those questions with any degree of intellectual rigour, then you will be forced to conclude journalism is dead. Modern propaganda has risen in its place.
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