If you'd like lots of your kind of uninterrupted music from your computer, you may like this.
Almost certainly, you can do something like this using other music players.
This is specific to VLC. It's available and works fine for OSX, Windows, & linux.
Attached to your computer you'll of course need a working sound card and speakers.
Download/install VLC: OSX-specific page:
Scroll down in that page to find the Windows-download page, or for several linux flavours.
VLC is reliable. The richness of controls and ways you can use it are the only complications. But there are good howtos.
Sound may not be super at first. You may need to adjust your mixer that adjusts your sound card. That's separate from VLC. But if you could get any audio beyond motherboard beeps before VLC, you'll get sound from VLC.
VLC installed, go here:
Just read it over once. Reading to #4 is enough to get started.
Open VLC, and carefully follow the instructions from
You'll finally come down to a box of a huge number of radio stations.
To choose a station, notice in #4 that in the small search box you can filter for the genre of music you prefer. Type into the box whatever: classical, jazz, western, bluegrass, reggae, rock, punk- whatever. The filter ought to list only the stations that specialize in that genre.
Just make a station choice, click on it, and it ought to start to play.
Each station has such a large archive, it'll play before hours before starting to repeat itself.
Don't like that station, simply click to try another.
When you've had enough, just (in VLC) click on "media" and then click "quit"

I only do linux. I'll try to help fix any problems that arise in VLC in linux.
But I doubt you'll have any problems if you follow the tutorial carefully.

VLC has been my pref. for years. But I just set up streaming audio a couple of hours ago.


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Head Honcho
I use VLC the odd time that nothing else will open a file.

Apple has literally blown everything else out of the water though, with iTunes.

On my Mac, iTunes offers free internet radio and for example, Adult Contemporary category has 429 radio stations online free of charge.

There are 25 separate categories of music, each with more than 400 radio stations worldwide available. I make that to be over 10,000 stations you can listen to free if you own an Apple or PC computer as iTunes is free to either platform.

Kind of makes VLC a tad dated. 

I make this post only because I suspect you had no idea this type of stuff existed and it might interest you to know just how wonderful the world of internet radio can be with today's technology.

It is all streamed and much of it uninterrupted and commercial free. [wink]
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Princess Carver
I use VLC but didn't know about this. Thanks for the share!
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