Is it just me, or is our city starting to look a little scruffy ?

A few instances, just along the trail: The median, a few hundred feet south of the Chamber of Commerce billboard is looking especially shabby, and has been that way for a long time. If a developer left a mess like that, the city would be hounding them relentlessly to do something. Unless you include all the orange 'defective plant' flags down the median, the plants along the Trail in Edmonton look like they are fairing a lot better than the ones in the 'Botanical Arts City'. 

Talking about designer medians, did we run out of money across from the North side Shoppers Drugs?  We can do the whole trail except for this few hundred feet, or are we starting a gravel pit ?  Any why is it so hard to grow grass on the boulevards? Did we spend so much on sod for South Riel, we can't afford some grass seed for Public Works?  Maybe it's time to look at 'artistic' artificial plants and Astro Turf.  - Enough of my rants for now. Please don't get me started in on our artistic cross walks that are now visible from the International Space Station. 
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Scruffy?  i'd definitely say so.
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