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I am with you on the give them a chance policy Murray, it is the right thing to do since the election is over and it is now onward and upward.

I just wish Mayor elect Heron would exercise the same restraint. Take for example her Twitter post today shown below. Note that she calls it and I quote, "MY COMPLETE COUNCIL".

It isn't in any way HER complete council. It is OUR council, we the people and Heron is included in OUR council. She does not possess our council, she is merely one vote of our council.

Attitude is everything and her opening Tweet sends a very wrong message. Just saying.

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Murray Lambert

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Although I'm not quite sure about things being onward and upward I am very cautiously in favour of allowing them to show what we can expect before passing judgement. That being said, as long as our soon to be former mayor seems to remain front and centre and is likely to be 'calling plays from the bench' so to speak, I am neither very optimistic nor holding my breath.

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HH - I wonder if her reference to " complete council..." isn't so much a claim to ownership as it is a BIG MESSAGE to El Kabong, that there's a new sheriff in town?
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