In January 2015 I posted the following which with this recent attack in Nice seems to be a more realistic approach to this Islamic terrorism than the politically correct posture of sitting with our heads in the sand:

"With the Islamic terrorist attacks in France, it seems time for Western Civilization to put aside the supercilious slogans and politically correct denials and confront reality. The reality is that we are into a major confrontation between western secular societies and middle east religious groups who believe that the secular West must either convert to their understanding of Islam or die. Contrary to the pulp fiction put out be some of our politicians, those Islamic terrorists are not few in number nor are they simply a disorganized group of erratic fanatics.

They are well organized and obviously have exerted tremendous pressure in France. In that country they have persuaded the French Government to set up “no go” zones. These are zones which are exclusively for Muslims … where Sharia law is the only recognized system of justice … and where the laws of France no longer prevail. In essence, Muslims have immigrated to France established mini-nations within the country of France. Since the values of these sharia no go zones are in direct conflict with Western values, compromise between the two systems does not seem to be a viable option. Any thinking person has to recognize that this is a formula for tremendous cultural conflict. It is a formula for massive civil violence and for civil war.  Obviously, with this recent rash of terrorism in France, it has not proven to be a formula for peaceful coexistence.

 It seems the time has come to stop pretending that immigration is solely about jobs and economic production. It must be recognized that by allowing massive immigration from cultures with conflicting and irreconcilable values is a formula for disaster. Once this admission is made, we can then construct an immigration policy which enables peaceful Muslims who desire to partake and contribute to the Western Societies to become part of our Western cultures."

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Newsflash  The Islamic terrorist in Nice, France has been identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, from the Tunisian town Msaken.  So I guess it wasn't some Southern "extreme right wing" Baptist  white guy after all.  It is just a tragedy how the facts never seem to fit into the left wing politically correct narrative.
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The Baton Rouge terrorist has also been confirmed as a Muslim.  Nation of Islam member for over 3 years.  Terror has one religion folks. 
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