It is discouraging to watch this so called Municipal Inspection playout. Aside from the obvious fact that it is taking Municipal Affairs FOREVER to get this task accomplished, it is becoming increasingly evident that it is going to be a whitewash. EDIT: this post has been withdrawn until I can get to a computer much later tonight to edit it for content that raise legal implications and will be removed before the balance of the post is allowed here. - HH

Before you start playing lawyer ... read up the case law on "fair comment" and then you won't have to get into a dither every second day.

Think before you start playing journalist and moderator. The entire post has been deleted for the comment above. Had that comment not been made, it would have been edited to remove direct and unfounded accusations that are unfair to various parties. Given the snide comment, the result of those kinds of comments should now be obvious to all.

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