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I hope you agree that the topic fits in this forum. Chances are pretty good, I think, that a rollout of DARP spending will begin before this fall. And the Grandin Mall hi-rise tower development appears to rely considerably on a green light from DARP.

How much do you estimate that the monthly rent will be:
-for apartment c/w heating and a balcony? Bachelor (550sf) One BR (700sf) Three BR (1,000sf)
-for standard-sized underground parking, per vehicle?

Now. Have you ever done a detailed budget? Can you calculate how much income will be necessary to 'get by" on for:
-a single with a car?
-a single with car plus child?
-a couple, 2 cars, 2 children?
  If you're a smoker, budget for that. 15 packs a month cost about $165.

I think that where I'm going with this is: either renting a house or a house lower level, or buying an older house c/w mortgage ... will probably be cheaper, and have a lot more space for your toys.
Put another way, in St.Albert, hi-rise apartment living is an inelegant solution looking for a problem.

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