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According to a functionary, we have 1500 parking spaces "downtown", I assume both paid and free. Sounds like a lot to me (unless Grandin Mall is included)..
So: angle parking will add another 0.67% to our parking supply. La, la, la, la!.
Ah, but summer Saturdays, the City's parking lot, is lost !

Now I get controversial; I'd like to know if you dis-agree / agree. I think we can get effective use of well more than ten spaces just by doing some painting!
For inline on-street parking, the length allotted per vehicle is pretty elusive. I'm going with 18 feet. Someone please put me straight if that's wrong..
Ignore the yellow marks; but see the  white parking space markings here:

Using that (18') standard, each vehicle would be allotted a (say) 15' space, with a (say) 3' no-man's-land fore and aft. Or (say) 14' space, with 4' fore-and-aft.

How would that add to the number of available parking spaces? Elementary, my dear ......
At present, with no markings, an unhealthy percentage of onstreet parkers are hogs ! (I'm allright, Jack!) Wherever possible, they'll leave a space just a bit shorter than their vehicles either fore or aft.
So instead of using 18', they'll use closer to 25'
Please don't take my word; go check it out! Maybe I'm exaggerating.
I don't know how much onstreet, inline parking we have downtown. Let's be conservative: say 300.
Stiffly regulated 18' parking looks to add 38% to the effective number of spaces. Or an extra (say) eighty!

Kinda makes angle parking look like a Charles Atlas 97-pound weakling, dunnit?

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